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This Old Café by Marci Boudreaux ISBN 9781386957041

Jenna is tired of struggling to make a go of her café. A disaster with a broken pipe brings Daniel, who has been living in the alley behind her restaurant, to her rescue. If this sounds unusual, read on. This Old Café, a novel by Marci Boudreaux, tells their most unusual story. Jenna is divorced from a man who used and betrayed her. Even now, she still thinks about how he battered her self confidence. Daniel’s history is much different. He was in the military and is now homeless. He has many issues which include anger management. He has been eating food from Jenna’s dumpster and has become familiar with her routine. Unbeknownst to Jenna, he watches over her. Even though they may not seem to have much in common and they deal with different issues, they forge a relationship that is based on reciprocity. Can they find a common ground?

The author has created resilient and believable characters who try to make peace with their pasts in order to reach their goals. Readers are effectively allowed to see through the characters eyes and, as a result, we become immersed in their lives. The plot is beautifully constructed and packed with heart and emotion. This is a special love story about special people. Highly recommended.


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