A Matter of Trust by Susan May Warren Revell ISBN 9780800727451

A Matter of Trust, a novel by Susan May Warren, is set in the mountains of Montana. Gage Watson had once realized his dream when he became a champion backcountry snowboarder. A horrific accident followed by a lawsuit and the loss of sponsors changed all that.   He made a new life by working on a mountain rescue team, but he can’t move past his previous mistakes or the memory of the woman who betrayed him, Senator Ella Blair. Ella has never gotten over the guilt she feels for the role she played in destroying Gage’s life. After three years she unexpectedly appears in his life again when she pleads with him to rescue her brother and his friend from a mountain peak-one that Gage knows all too well. Gage and Ella had experienced a deep bond quickly when they first met. That ended in a courtroom. Can Gage get past this and help her?

Both Ella and Gage have guilt. Ella’s is complicated by the secret she keeps and her family history. To undertake such a dangerous rescue  requires tremendous skill and just as important, trust and faith. It is not just the protagonists who have personal baggage. The secondary characters all have their own issues and their stories are seamlessly integrated into the main story. They are all people who know how to come together to do what is needed.

The author brings to readers a complex and multifaceted story of relationships that are hampered by secrets and regrets. The imagery of the setting is spectacular. Fast paced, suspenseful, packed with emotion and faith, A Matter of Trust is well worth reading.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.


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