On Love’s Gentle Shore, A Novel by Liz Johnson; Revell ISBN 97808800724511

On Love’s Gentle Shore, a novel by Liz Johnson, is set on Prince Edward Island. Most find it to be a charming place, but for Natalie O’Ryan it is anything but that. She was the child of dysfunctional and dangerous parents and she had fled the island fifteen years ago expecting her best friend, Justin Kane, to follow her, but that is not what happened. She made a new life for herself in Nashville, all the while harboring hurt and anger toward Justin. Now engaged to Russell, her fiancĂ© has arranged for them to be married in her old hometown. Even with all her apprehensions about returning to a place she has fought hard to distance herself from, she keeps quiet and tries to go along with the wedding plans. Rapidly, she realizes she can’t avoid Justin and the small minded town gossips. As a result, Natalie has to confront her troubled past in order to face her future. Justin, too, has lived with his own anger and hurt, but thought he had moved on once he accepted Natalie was really gone. Now that she is back his life changes. What they had once was special and important to both of them. Is it really gone?


The author has crafted well drawn believable characters. Their fragile and complex relationships are deftly presented. The reader is drawn into their lives as we watch them evolve into people who learn to face the truth about themselves and what paths to follow. The secondary characters are an interesting group and add much to the story. This is a story about choices, introspection, forgiveness and faith that all come together to make a memorable tale.


Beautifully told and easy to read. Highly recommended.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.






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