A Love So True by Melissa Jagears Bethany House ISBN 9780764217524

A Love So True, a novel by Melissa Jagears, open in 1908 in Teaville, Kansas. David Kingsman has been sent there by his over bearing father for the sole purpose of selling his factory. David’s intended brief stay turns into much more than a business trip once he meets Evelyn Wisely. She and her parents live and work at the town orphanage. In addition, she does what she can to help the woman and children from the wrong side of town. Her dream is to open a shelter, but she lacks the necessary financial backing. But, there is more. She allows no man to get close to her, that is until David becomes part of her life when he tries to help her with her mission. The reason for her chosen way of life is that she has a secret. Can sharing it with David help create a future together?

The author skillfully weaves her characters stories together. We watch them struggle and grow. They grapple with very important matters of the heart and community. While taking great emotional risks, they tackle what is truly worth doing.

I found this to be a well written, emotion packed and meaningful story. Highly recommended.


I received a free copy from the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.





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