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Treasured Grace by Tracie Peterson Bethany House ISBN 9780764213274

Treasured Grace, a novel by Tracie Peterson, opens in 1847 on the Oregon Trail. While on the wagon trail, Grace Martindale’s husband died. She had entered into a loveless marriage so that she and her two younger sisters could travel west to start a new life. Now a widow, it is now up to her to care for her sisters. She hopes that her uncle will be waiting for them in Oregon City. They reach the Whitman Mission and are offered shelter for the time being. It is there that she meets Alex Armistead. He is a man with tragedy in his past and even though he is attracted to Grace, he refuses to let his guard down. Grace is no stranger to loss and hardships. What she encounters and what her family endures while at the Whitman Mission goes beyond anything they have dealt with before. Even though Grace has helped many with her natural remedies, she finds herself facing her biggest challenges. Does she have the capability and strength she needs?

This is a powerful novel. It tells of the struggles, conflicts and misunderstandings between the natives and the settlers. The author effectively allows the reader to see through the eyes of the characters. As a result, we can truly see and understand their lives. Even though the story deals with tragedy and unimaginable heartache, it is an inspirational and moving story. It is well worth reading.


I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else’s.




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