The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green Bethany House ISBN 9780764291061

The Mark of the King, a novel by Jocelyn Green, opens in Paris, France in 1719. Midwife Julianne Chevalier was imprisoned and branded after her patient died in childbirth. Unexpectedly she was given the opportunity to obtain a prison release and to relocate to New Orleans where she hoped to find her brother. The terms of the release were unimaginable. She had to marry a convict. Life in New Orleans was harsh and a constant struggle, but she clung to the hope she could somehow reunite with her brother. Julianne had experienced many cruelties and losses and eventually she asked Captain Marc-Paul Girard for help in finding out about her brother. What she eventually learned was shocking. Secrets were revealed and Julianne’s life was imperiled more than once.

Even though Julianne and Marc-Paul bear scars from the past, these scars do not define them. They struggled to overcome challenges while things went from bad to worse, all the while trying to achieve grace.

The author brings to the reader a beautifully written story about a piece of history I knew little about. This book is well worth reading. Highly recommended.


I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House.   All opinions expressed in this review are my own.






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