Masquerade (Book 2 in the Andalucian Nights Trilogy) by Hannah Fielding London Wall Publishing ISBN 978-0-9929943-6-5

Recently, I read Hannah Fielding’s beautifully written novel, Indiscretion, which is the first book in the author’s Andalucian Nights Trilogy. Indiscretion is set in Spain in the 1950’s and the protagonist is Alexandra de Falla, a young English woman who comes to Spain to reconnect with her father and his side of her family. What she experiences is not what she expected. Masquerade, the second book in the trilogy, opens  in 1976 and the protagonist is Alexandra’s daughter, Luz. She has returned to Spain from England hoping to be hired as a biographer. Like her mother, what she experiences is not what she expected.


Two men come into Luz’s life and she is attracted to both. One is a mysterious and exotic gypsy. Because Luz is a child of privilege, an open relationship with him is impossible. The other man is her sophisticated and charismatic employer and he bears an uncanny resemblance to the gypsy. Luz finds herself trying to deal with feelings she had not previously experienced, nor thought she was capable of. As she struggles to control her passions, her world becomes one of confusion, mystery and closely held secrets. Who are these men really?


Masquerade is a fascinating and well told love story that is set in a stunning and lush setting. The author eloquently brings to life the characters and keeps the reader engrossed in their story until the conclusion. While Masquerade can be read as stand alone novel, I do recommend reading Indiscretion as well.





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