Indiscretion by Hannah Fielding London Wall Publishing ISBN 978-0-9926718-8-4

The year is 1950 and Alexandra de Falla, an author, is living in London with her aunt. Her mother died when she was young and her mostly absent Spanish father lives on his family’s property in Andalucía. After he unexpectedly comes to see her, she accepts his invitation to visit Spain where she will meet his new wife and their daughter-her half sister. She hoped the family would welcome her, but this is not what happens. Only her grandmother and one cousin are welcoming. The reality she discovers is that she has entered into a world of secrets, intrigue and frightening customs. Despite this, she experiences a passion she has never known before once she meets the mysterious Salvador Cervantes de Rueda. Even though he shares her passion he adamantly wants her to return to London. He tells her they have no future together and she is in danger if she stays in Andalucía. Time after time, Alexandra refuses to leave even though Salvador continues to push her away. Can she convince this perplexing man that they can be together?

The author has woven an exciting and engrossing story. She brings alive a world of bull fighting, gypsies and fascinating cultures all set in a stunning landscape. I found this novel to be an elegantly written love story and well worth reading.


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