Burning Embers by Hannah Fielding

Burning Embers, a novel by Hannah Fielding, is a stunning and epic love story set in Kenya. Twenty-five year old Coral Sinclair was born in Kenya, but after her parents divorce she lived in England. The story opens in 1970 and Coral is returning to Kenya to claim her inheritance of a plantation. She has experienced two losses: her father died and she ended her engagement. During her trip an encounter with Rafe, a mysterious and attractive older man, changes her life. The attraction between them is instantaneous and intense. Once in Kenya, Coral learns that Rafe has the reputation of being a womanizer. There are those who consider him to be the devil. He shrouds his past for reasons of his own. She may be naive, but she recognizes the effect he has on her and what ensues is a complex and frustrating relationship with an uncertain future.
The author paints a beautiful and vivid picture with her mesmerizing descriptions of Kenya’s landscape. She brings the colors and the scents alive. Even though it is a place not without danger, it is magical and the perfect setting for this romantic story. Fate may have brought Coral and Rafe together, but is it enough?
I found Burning Embers to be a beautifully told story with well developed and memorable characters in an exotic setting. This book is well worth reading.
Highly recommended.


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