What Lies Between by Charlena Miller Red Bicycle Press ISBN 978-0-9893697-1-8

Ellie hasn’t had an easy life. Her birth parents gave her up for adoption.  Her adoptive parents died in a car accident when she was young and as a result she ended up in the foster care system.  Once she was eighteen she contacted her birth parents.  Only her father, Gerard,  agreed to meet with her, but the meeting did not go well.  He went so far as to deny being her father.  There was no further contact until Ellie received the news that Gerard was dead and that he had left her his family’s estate, Glenbroch, in Scotland.  The property includes a country house which is undergoing renovations in order to be ready for the upcoming tourist season.  Along with the property came massive debt which if not repaid by the due date,  the investors would take ownership of the property.  Glenbroch is Ellie’s only link to her father and his family.  Can this young American woman manage to keep it afloat?  What was Gerard’s motive in  publicly acknowledging his daughter in such a way?

Glenbroch comes with more than land, livestock and buildings.  It comes with a staff who, with some exception, want to keep their jobs and will do all they can to help Ellie make Glenbroch profitable.  Perhaps the most puzzling person Ellie meets is Ben MacIver.  While she can’t deny the physical attraction, she soon learns she has reason to distrust him.  Bad things begin to happen to Ellie and the property.  The list of suspects is short, but proof is elusive.  It becomes doubtful she can maintain ownership of her inheritance.  Can she even survive trying?

The author has crafted an engrossing tale.  The descriptive scene settings place the reader into the beautiful landscape of the Highlands.  Especially interesting are the relationships Ellie enters into with people she once would have avoided. Interesting characters and a strong plot make this is a convincing story of new beginnings, hope, determination and love.  I recommend reading this book.

I received this book for free through LibraryThing and I give this review of my own free will.


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