Dangerous When Wet by Jamie Brickhouse: St. Martin’s Press ISBN 978-1-250-04115-9

Reading Dangerous When Wet, a memoir by Jamie Brickhouse, is a memorable reading experience.  He was born in Beaumont, Texas, the son of a woman known as Mama Jean.  In the Author’s Note he writes “This book is the story of my relationship with her told through the lens of my love affair with alcohol, the other dominant relationship in my life.”  Mama Jean was glamorous, outspoken and generous.  She was his biggest fan and even though she would have liked him to stay close to her, she knew he belonged in New York City.  She accepted the fact that he was gay and she wanted him to write. Jamie wanted glamour and sophistication, but the route he took to achieve this was perilous.  He is candid in his telling of the frightening situations he found himself in as a result of    drinking and drug use. The narrative in this book is conversational.  It’s as though  the reader is in the same room with the author.  He is open and forthright about his struggles with alcoholism and his attempts at sobriety.  All the while, Mama Jean remained a powerful force in his life.  Mr. Brickhouse presents his story with wit and candor and in my opinion, that is what makes this one of the best memoirs I have read.  Mama Jean was right.  Mr. Brickhouse should write as he is very good at it.  Highly recommended.

I received this book free of charge through LibraryThing and I give this review of my own free will.


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