Squaring Circles by Carolyn Mathews Roundfire Books ISBN 978 1 78279 705 0

Squaring Circles, by Carolyn Mathews, is the sequel to Transforming Pandora. In Transforming Pandora we follow Pandora’s life through a divorce, widowhood and a reunion with her ex-husband, who is now a widower with children. Squaring Circles is a stand alone book, however I recommend reading Transforming Pandora as it is a terrific book. In Squaring Circles we learn that Pandora’s mother, Frankie, has died unexpectedly. The story opens at Frankie’s funeral with Jay, Pandora’s ex-husband and now partner, accidently being dragged into the grave along with the casket. Frankie had been less than happy about Pandora and Jay reuniting and he is suspicious Frankie may have been sending forth a message. I was hooked from the first sentence. Frankie’s death is not the only surprise for Pandora. She learns she has a half brother she never knew about and that he had come to see Frankie prior to her death. Why didn’t her mother tell her? What other secrets did Frankie have? Then Frankie’s grave is disturbed . Someone was looking for something, but for what? As if all this isn’t enough, there is more-lots more.
There is a large cast of interesting characters, including a very special donkey, who find themselves in a variety of relationships and situations The story takes interesting turns and moves quickly. Pandora tries to stay balanced, but her life keeps getting complicated. Will these recent events shape her future?
The author writes with wit and wisdom and this book is a pleasure to read. She has crafted a story in which the reader can bond with the protagonist. I am so looking forward the sequel.
I received this book for free and I give this review of my own free will.


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