Amidst Traffic by Michel Sauret One Way Street Productions ISBN:978-0-9883784-0-7 317 Pages Paperback

Amidst Traffic is a collection of twenty-two short stories written by Michel Sauret. Each powerful story stands alone, but eventually it becomes apparent that they are interconnected. Even though the subject matter varies from story to story, there are some commonalities which include introspection of the characters, a need for order and the search for answers.

All the stories are memorable. The first is Three Straws . Short order cook, Eli, is plagued by dreams of disfigured children chasing him. Unable to sleep, he begins digging a hole on his property. Exhausted, he finally sleeps but this is temporary. In the title story, Amidst Traffic, a young woman covers herself with unconventional tattoos which consist of words and phrases-the significance of which she no longer remembers. After much thought, I found the most poignant story to be When The Knife Opened. A young man with a knife on a New York City subway comes close to a life changing event.

This is a superbly written anthology. Mr. Sauret is a gifted writer who has a keen understanding of the human condition. Flawed and complex characters, originality and thought provoking themes make for fascinating reading. This is a collection that can be read more than once.

I received this book free of charge through Review The Book and I give this review of my own free will.


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