Missing Persons by Jack Erickson

Missing Persons, by Jack Erickson, is a short story. It is both a love story and a tale of mystery. The story opens with a retired man, T. Jefferson Winslow, digging a hole on his property in order to plant fruit trees. He uncovers a box that contains letters written fifty years ago to a previous married owner of the property, Harriet Summers. The letters are from her lover, Arthur Parker
Mr.Winslow decides to learn more about both Harriet and Arthur. His research reveals that both went missing within two weeks of each other in 1948. Presumably, Harriet drowned. Arthur simply disappeared. Neither body was ever found. The contents of the letters that Arthur penned to Harriet clearly show his love for her. It became obvious that while Harriet’s husband was in the military she spent time with Arthur. Mr. Winslow had his suspicions about what really happened to Harriet and Arthur and this led him to finally uncovering the truth. Now he is faced with a dilemma- what does he do with his newly found knowledge?
This is well crafted story with depth. The suspense is well layered and held my attention to the end of the story. I wasn’t sure how the author would end the story and for me, this is the mark of a good mystery. I recommend reading this book.
I received this book at no charge from ReviewTheBook.com and I give this review of my own free will.


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