RETURN of the DITTOS and other short stories by Dale Andrew White ISBN: 1-4392-2732-2

Return of the Dittos and other stories, by Dale Andrew White, is a collection of twenty short stories and all of which are worth reading. Mr. White uses irresistible humor and keen insight into human nature in his stories and the end result is an enjoyable reading experience.
In the opening story, An Unlikely Story, the reader is treated to the monologue of a man accused offering a woman money for certain services. It is important to note that the woman is an undercover police woman. The defense he offers is creative, clever and original. Return of the Dittos is about the reunion show of the cast of a sitcom called Eat Your Peas which aired thirty years ago. The author’s descriptions of the cast members are memorable. The Labors of Peon, my personal favorite, is the tale of Adam Peon’s short lived career as a bagboy at a Dixie King grocery store. This job changes his life and with good reason. Due to unforeseen developments, Adam finds himself in the position of labor organizer when the bagboys learn that their tips are to be discontinued. What transpires when the bagboys revolt is hysterical.
Richly developed characters paired with humorous dialogue and story lines the reader can relate to add up to great reading. The author uses wit and humor to engage the reader. I highly recommend reading these stories.
I received this book free of charge from Review the Book and I give this review of my own free will.


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