The Rose of Winslow Street

The Rose of Winslow Street
Author Elizabeth Camden
Bethany House Publishers ISBN 978-0-7642-0895-9 342 Pages

The year is 1879 and the setting is Winslow Street in Colden, Massachusetts. Professor Sawyer bought the house which he and his daughter, Libby have lived in for over 20 years. While on vacation they learn that someone else has moved into the house and claimed it as their own. Michael Dobrescu, his two young sons, the mysterious and frail Lady Mirela and two of Michael’s associates have come from Romania to make America their new home in this house. Michael carried with him what he believes is a legal document proving the house is his and he proceeds with legal action.
As the story unfolds it becomes obvious that there is much more at stake that just the house. Libby, a single woman, finds herself entering into a relationship with the Dobrescu family, particularly with Michael. Even though she is shocked at what has happened she finds herself drawn to this odd family. She cannot help but overtly show them acts of kindness when the residents of Colden ostracize them. The relationship between Libby and her father is complex as it is and her attraction to Michael only complicates the situation. A legal battle ensues and suddenly Michael offers a startling proposal to Professor Sawyer. He will relinquish his claim to the house under one condition. This is not where the story ends. There is much more to learn about both the Sawyer family and the Dobrescu family.
This is an enthralling book. The characters are complex, interesting and beautifully developed. The main plot and the subplots keep the reader totally engaged in the story. There is a great deal to be learned from this book. I highly recommend reading this book.
I received this book free of charge from Bethany House Publishers and I willingly provide this review.


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